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The “Lean” management philosophy is widely known in organizations.  Streamlining processes by reducing waste, leads to significant improvements in efficiency.  However, the human factor is completely overlooked in the lean journey.  Processes can be as lean as possible, there will always be a behavioral impact.

Panngram wants to be your Lean-partner on a human level.  By clearing the connection  between organization, team(s) and employee(s), the relational tissue is restored/reinforced.  This is an important condition for employees to shift their focus from an individual to a collective perspective, with a positive impact on efficiency and business results.

Trauma coaching
Trainings / keynotes
Career counseling
Freelance HR assignments

Training / Keynotes.

We offer trainings to provide managers and HR partners with the skills needed to deal with trauma and work crises.  These training have a more pragmatic approach where theory is linked to practice.

Are you looking for some insights into the dynamics of trauma?  Our keynotes are meant to do just that!

Trauma coaching Organizations

Employee engagement is high on the agenda nowadays.  Before starting any work at this level, it is important to investigate whether “old pain” is still present in the organization.  This pain may be linked to sudden or long lasting impactful events that have occurred in the organization over time.  Next to the event itself, the way it has been dealt with inside the company, is a breeding ground for trauma.  Trauma may translate into a series of subtle but persistent symptoms, like high illness, turnover or burn out rates.  Growing or continued resistance to change, tensions between teams, lack of accountability, failure to deliver, …  are also possible symptoms of underlying trauma.  Our expertise is to recognize and identify the source of the trauma, so that it becomes manageable.  This results in tangible and measurable better performances within the organization.

We are part of the Herculean Alliance expert network, that offers integrated solutions to increase employee engagement.


Career counseling.

Because we care about individuals at work, career counseling is also a valuable tool to restore the connection between the individual and the working environment.  By engaging in a career counseling process you will gain more insight in yourself and change will automatically result from that.  After all “if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you’ve always got”.  Understanding what you do best, what you like doing most, and what you actually need from your working environment, will trigger changes in the way you think and behave.  Up to you to decide whether you want the change to be big or small!

We offer career counseling in partnership with Woep’ss career center.  For more information, follow the link https://www.woepss.be/marjan-horemans.html

Freelance HR assignments

20+ years of HR experience in various companies and at different levels, are the backbone of our expertise.  The combination of an analytic mind with an intuitive mindset ensure a  human as well as efficient approach. From an individual project to dedicated monthly services, we can provide a customized support during busy times.