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About Marjan Horemans

Hello, nice to meet you here! My name is Marjan, trauma coach and leading lady of Panngram. I have spent my professional life working in HR within corporate environments, where I have always felt very much at home. While I enjoyed the diversity and teamwork, my focus was more on the “hard” side of the HR profession, working with facts and figures, following strict policies and procedures. With Panngram I am now shifting my focus intentionally to the “soft” side of HR. My mission is to bring more sense into the business world by learning teams and organizations how to deal with trauma. This will significantly improve the relationship between employer and employee. Career counseling is another way to serve this same purpose and is also part of my portfolio.

Discretion, trust and respect are at the heart of how I do business. My understanding of the intangible and focus on the tangible, ensures sustainable results to reaffirm your workflow.