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From diagnose to treatment, we tackle the obstacles that are blocking collaborative processes.
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We promise organizations to improve performance.

A pangram is a sentence using every letter of a given alphabet at least once.  At the same time the sentence should be grammatically correct and make sense. Pangrams are most used in marketing, where they serve for instance to display typefaces.  The real value of a pangram exceeds its literal meaning.  Basically it is a tool to understand if something works.

PANNGRAM (PANN = People Are Not Numbers) does the same for companies: do they operate smoothly as a whole or are some parts left out of the equation?  Do they suffer from disease symptoms like high illness rates, turnover, burn out or growing resistance to change?  When symptoms like this  persist and even remain or increase despite all efforts, it is important to identify the root cause.  Underlying trauma is very disruptive and will continue to disturb operations until it is recognized, acknowledged and healed.

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When we promise organizations to improve performance, we are not only talking about graphs. We bring added value that can be measured as well as felt: the human factor is key in business metrics. Therefore, to revitalize a company, we first uncover the mechanics between employees; to lift results, we level with people. Implementing a modular system of therapeutic techniques, we detect any symptoms of underlying distress or latent trauma. From diagnose to treatment, we tackle the obstacles that are blocking collaborative processes. We are the cleaning crew looking under the carpet, clearing the air and brushing up group dynamics. Our sensory approach delivers tangible output, whether it’s colorful pie charts or calorie-filled cakes for another job well done. From keynote to kitchen, we reconnect teams to reaffirm workflow.

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Employee engagement is high on the agenda of many organizations nowadays.  Before starting any work at this level, it is important to investigate whether “old pain” is still present in the organization.  This collective pain may be linked to sudden or long lasting impactful events that have occurred in the organization over time.  Even if the event has been processed mentally, it may still impact team dynamics and performance.  We offer coaching for teams and individuals to restore their connection with the organization and to reaffirm the workflow.

We offer trainings to provide managers and HR partners with the skills needed to deal with trauma and work crises.  These training have a more pragmatic approach where theory is linked to practice.Are you looking for some insights into the dynamics of trauma?  Our keynotes are meant to do just that!

Because we care about individuals at work, career counseling is also a valuable tool to restore the connection between the individual and the working environment.  By engaging in a career counseling process you will gain more insight in yourself and change will automatically result from that.

20+ years of HR experience in various companies and at different levels, are the backbone of our expertise.  The combination of an analytic mind with an intuitive mindset ensure a  human as well as efficient approach. From an individual project to dedicated monthly services, we can provide a customized support during busy times.

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our values

why we are different

We care

About individuals at work. About optimizing the connection between the two of them.

We believe

That resolving trauma leads to higher employee engagement

We understand

Both sides of the story. We have experience with both causing and suffering from organizational trauma. As a trusted advisor we help to bring up what is going on underneath the surface and make it manageable.

We can

20+ years of experience in HR as well as many courses on systemic coaching and trauma dynamics, have resulted in a high expertise. Lifelong learning is essential to stay on top of this increasingly important topic in organizations.

We make it happen

Restored connections translate into improved measurable as well as tangible output.

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